Holiday Gift Guide 2019

Published: Jan 2, 2020
A gift with a blue ribbon on the table and hands tying a bow

Gifts to plan on

At LifePlan we're all about helping you and the people in your life plan, prepare and secure your better future. Our gift guide helps you pass along the preparation mindset and give gifts that will help the people in your life take charge of theirs.

1) For the stressed-out planner: Therabox self care subscription box

We all know someone who really needs to take some time out. Get them one step closer to "me time" with a monthly subscription box of self-pampering treats.

Get it here, starting from $31.99 a month

Women opening Therabox self care box



2) For the organized (or disorganized) planner: a bullet journal and bullet journaling how-to book

For the already organized, bullet journaling adds a new level of obsessive fun. For the disorganized, it might be just the thing to finally get on track. Give your organizer the gift of a system that helps you "track the past, order the present, and design the future."

Get the official Bullet Journal, $24.99

Get the Bullet Journal Method on Amazon, $14.99

Bullet journal open showing page layout



3) For the perfectionist planner: a white board notebook

Whether writing a to-do list or setting down a five-year plan, for those who rewrite until they get it right, we offer the gift of an eraser. This whiteboard notebook even has a companion app to capture and keep track of notes before wiping the slate clean.

Get it here, $44.99

A erase-able whiteboard notebook



4) For the extreme planner: a USB car charger with safety hammer and seatbelt cutter

Former Boy Scouts and those who find solace in considering every dire possibility will appreciate this gift that promises they'll "be prepared" whether that means they need to charge their phone, or get out of a car fast.

Get it here$15.99

An emergency usb tool breaking car window for survival


5) For the archiving planner: a private photo organizing device

There are those who plan for the future, and those who spend their efforts keeping track of the past. The past protectors in your life will love this handy product that wirelessly downloads photos from all your devices and organizes them for storage on a hard drive. $169.95

Get it here, $169.95

Person holding their photo collection



6) For the Post-It note planner: sticky notes memo board

Some planners make spreadsheets, some make lists, and some write Post-Its. Help the note by note novelist in your life pull it all together with this handy note organizer that attaches to a computer monitor. 

Get it here, currently on sale for $18.89

Sticky note holder on computer monitor



7) For the paper trail planner: fireproof lockbox

Planners who don't keep their paper trail in the cloud will find comfort knowing their important documents are protected from flames here on earth in this fireproof lockbox.

Get it here, starting at $22.95

Firemen putting out a house fire