Life Event Guide: Having a Child

Published: Aug 29, 2019
Mother and baby lying on a bed.


As far as life changes go, growing your family is a big one. It's exciting, but it's also stressful and overwhelming, especially when it comes to finances and planning for the future.

Use this guide to make the most out of your LifePlan benefit and get help by putting a few things in order before your child arrives.

Talk with a financial advisor Piggy bank, icon

How do I add my child as a 401k or IRA beneficiary?

I'd like to discuss how to budget for unpaid time off from work.

What are my college savings account options?

I'd like to discuss starting an emergency fund for unexpected costs.

What are the new recurring costs I'll have to build into my budget?

How can I best manage the up front costs of having a child?

Schedule a financial advice session.

Talk with an attorney* Legal court building, icon

What is the Family and Medical Leave Act? How do I determine what leave and pay I am entitled to?

What are the legal requirements regarding workplace accommodations for those who breastfeed?

What are my rights to take time off work to care for my child or attend child related activities?

Discuss your estate plan in light of the newest addition to your family, walk through what decisions you need to make, and what information you need in order to make changes to your documents.

Schedule a legal advice session.

Create or update your estate planning Stack of estate plan documents, icondocuments 

Create or update your will or trust to specify what your child receives and designate a guardian.

View estate planning documents.

Talk with a tax professional* Tax paperwork, icon

How do I add a dependent exception to my tax filing? How much will this save me?

What is a child tax credit? Do I qualify?

I'd like to review my deduction strategies and see if there are any updates I should make.

Schedule a tax advice session.

Talk to an insurance professional * Illustration of an umbrella

What are the pros and cons of getting an insurance policy for my child?

I am interested in new home and auto insurance options; can you help with rate comparisons?

Schedule an insurance advice session.


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