Life Event Guide: Passing of a Loved One

Published: Aug 29, 2019
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We're very sorry for your loss. We know dealing with practical matters is the farthest thing from your mind. The following steps might help you during this time.

Talk with a financial advisor Piggy bank, icon.

How do inherited assets impact my financial goals?

What are my options to manage and protect my newly inherited assets?

Schedule a financial advice session.

Talk with an attorney*Legal court building, icon.

What legal documents do I need to have in order?

What are the pros and cons of retaining a lawyer during this process?

What agencies do I need to notify?

How do bills get paid?

What happens with my loved one's retirement account or IRA?

I would like to review the laws associated with a home sale.

If we have to go through probate, what are the steps involved?

Discuss your estate plan in light of your loss and, if applicable, inheritance, walk through what decisions you need to make, and what information you need in order to make changes to your documents.

Schedule a legal advice session.

Create or update your estate planning documentsStack of estate plan documents, icon.

In the unfortunate case that your spouse passes,

  • create or update your will or trust to reflect your new wishes for guardianship of your children (if minors).
  • create or update your living will (i.e. advance healthcare directive) to set out your wishes for end of life care and appoint someone to make decisions on your behalf.
  • create or update your power of attorney to ensure you have a trusted person making financial and legal decisions on your behalf.

If you inherited any property or assets, update your will or trust to reflect these changes.

View estate planning documents.

Talk with a tax professional*Tax paperwork, icon.

What are the tax filing requirements for the estate?

I've inherited a property or other asset. What are the taxes associated with that inheritance?

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