Life Event Guide: Retirement

Published: Aug 29, 2019
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Whether you're approaching retirement in the next three years or the next thirty years, there's a lot to consider and plan for, including your goals, timeline, finances and making decisions about your health care.

Use this guide to make the most out of your LifePlan benefit, so you can prepare for and enjoy a comfortable retirement.

Talk with a financial advisor Piggy bank, icon.

I'd like to discuss the optimal social security strategy for when I retire.

Can you help me create a retirement savings plan?

Can you help me create an income distribution strategy?

What is the most efficient path to consolidate my retirement accounts?

Schedule a financial advice session.

Talk with an attorney* Legal court building, icon.

What, if any, social security benefits are available to me?

Are any federal long-term health care options available to me (e.g. medicaid, medicare)?

Discuss your estate plan in light of your retirement plans, walk through what decisions you need to make, and what information you need in order to make changes to your documents.

Schedule a legal advice session.

Create or update your estate planning Stack of estate plan documents, icon.documents 

Create or update your will or trust to make sure your executor or trustee is correct and designate or update your beneficiaries.

Create or update your living will (i.e. advance healthcare directive) to set out your wishes for end of life care.

Create or update your power of attorney to ensure you have the correct person making financial and legal decisions on your behalf.

View estate planning documents.

Talk with a tax professional* Tax paperwork, icon.

How does my tax status change once I retire?

I'd like to discuss the taxation of various forms of retirement income.

Do I have to worry about estate taxes?

How can I minimize my tax liability today?

At what age should I start taking distributions to avoid the early withdrawal penalty?

Schedule a tax advice session.

Talk to an insurance professional * Umbrella, icon.

What are the benefits and pricing of a long term care policy?

What are the benefits and pricing of private health insurance?

Does my life insurance policy need to be adjusted?

Schedule an insurance advice session.


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