What is LifePlan?

Published: Jan 23, 2020

With a suite of financial and legal resources, including accessible one-on-one professional guidance, LifePlan by LegalZoom helps you take care of tomorrow, so you can live your best life today.

What does your best life look like?

Uncertainty about the future has a way of taking over the present. If only someone would take care of the things that keep you from enjoying your life, it might look quite a bit different. What if you had the time and security to follow your heart instead of your to-do list? LifePlan offers real support to help you face life's challenges and prepare for a future you can feel good about.

Financial and legal assistance for:

Goal-setting, debt management, financial distress, bankruptcy, retirement, marriage, divorce, family matters, estate planning, asset protection, or whatever life throws your way.

What you get with LifePlan:

  • 30 minute one-on-one advisor sessions with: Financial advisors, independent LegalZoom network attorneys*, tax professionals, and insurance professionals. (*limitations apply)

  • Attorney-assisted estate plan for two including: last will or trust, living will, and power of attorney.

  • Identity theft protection for two including: credit and data monitoring, full service identity restoration, and stolen funds reimbursement.

Whatever you've got going on, LifePlan offers real help for real situations.

  • Easy. Access your account to schedule advisor sessions and complete documents online anytime.

  • Affordable. Get professional advice and create legal documents for less than the cost of a few visits to your local coffee shop.

  • Reliable. Get professional advice from trusted advisors who can help you make better, more informed decisions about whatever is happening in your life.

How it works:

After activating your account, log on to your LifePlan dashboard any time to schedule appointments with LifePlan advisors, set up and monitor your identity theft protection, and complete your estate plan documents.

Want to get in contact with us?

(888) 556-0888 Mon-Fri 7am-7pm CT


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