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Tips to help you get the most out of your taxes with the least stress.
A guide to the most common types of identity fraud with tips on how to prevent them.
Over the course of your marriage you likely acquired more than assets. Splitting debt can be as important as splitting the silver.
There are plenty of ways you can safeguard your data from would-be thieves. The first step is to understand where it's vulnerable.
Marriage is more than a romantic partnership, it's a business arrangement. We take a practical look at your union.
Why playing it nice during your divorce might be the best way to go for your finances and your family.
Saving for college and retirement? Which account should you prioritize? Learn your options and other considerations.
A new tax year starts now. Maximize your 2020 tax deductions and reduce your overall tax bill with these six simple tips.

There's nothing more romantic than starting a marriage on solid financial footing with a clear idea of where you each stand.
Our gift guide helps you pass along the preparation mind-set and give gifts that will help the people in your life take charge of theirs.
What to do when it comes time to figure out who gets the kids. A basic guide to getting sole custody.
You've found the perfect home - or have you? Learn what sellers are required to disclose about their properties.